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Notch Mono - FREE Display Font

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Notch Mono - FREE Display Font

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Notch Mono is a display font, made by using a rigid 3x3 grid system.

The "notching" came into the picture when I experimented with shapes and their directions in the grid system. As the glyphs started to develop, so did the rule system it encompassed. 1 block rows expanded the Ascender and Descender heights to fit them with the Uppercase letters. The notches are all 1 block curves, rotated to form. The block structure of the typeface allows you to create various typographic compositions with striking simplicity and flow, in 2 different weights. In addition to the basic Latin alphabet, the font supports the expanded Latin alphabet.


Made by: Norbert Gebur (@norby_gebur)
Consultant: Tamás Vajdics (@vajdictamas)
Made at the Media and Design Institute, (@media_design_eger)
EKCU, Eger, Hungary,

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Display font for every nook and cranny.

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